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Efficient Driving Simulators for Cars, Trucks and Buses

Since 1976 we have been developing and producing driving simulators to improve driver training.

Our vast experience enables us to offer you efficient, powerful, and sophisticated simulators. Upon request, we are happy to provide custom-made products according to your wishes.

Training on a simulator students learn how to operate a vehicle in an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient way, free of wear and tear and within a short period of time. The training isn’t subject to weather or traffic conditions and doesn’t bear any risk for the instructor or the student. Our advanced simulators are being used for driver training, for research purposes, within the field of road safety and for promotional purposes.

Apart from typical traffic situations driving simulators can also simulate dangerous situations, which cannot be trained during conventional driver training due to their riskiness. Further benefits of a simulator include the reproducibility of traffic situations, the replay of driving mistakes, the repeatability of all exercises, and the evaluation of driving mistakes and operating errors.

FOERST Simulators for over 40 years

FOERST Simulatoren

In 1976 Dr. Reiner Foerst founded our company. He was a simulation theorist with the at that time visionary idea of developing driving simulators to train novice drivers.

Since then the Foerst GmbH develops and produces driving simulators for traffic safety, driver training, promotion and research.

Certified Company DIN EN ISO 9001

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For whom and for which areas of application is the driving simulator suitable?

Anwendungsbereiche Fahrsimulatoren

FOERST GmbH has developed various driving simulators that simulate driving with cars, trucks and buses in a realistic manner. Using different simulation modes, different everyday situations or situations of danger can be presented, which the driver has to cope with.

  • Driving schools
  • Professional driver education and training
  • Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
  • Traffic publicity work
  • Scientific and medical examination
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Consulting, sales & rental of driving simulators

Consulting & Sales

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A driving simulator from the company FOERST becomes the audience magnet at the most diverse events. In a playful and instructive way, the visitors at the wheel of the simulator can embark on a journey of a very special kind.