Heavy Vehicle Simulators
The New Dimension of Professional Driver Training

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The heavy vehicle simulator serves not only the purpose that the handling of the operational elements in a short time, fuel-efficient, environment-friendly, without wear and tear, and without risk for man and machine can be trained, but it can also be used without any regard to weather and traffic conditions. Further advantages of our simulators are the reproducibility of traffic situations, the replay after driving failures, the repeatability of exercises and the exact evaluation of driving and operating mistakes. A special advantage, is that trainees are confronted with unexpected situations, which may happen in real traffic but, due to the danger, can not be integrated in the educational program. So the simulator serves the operational control as well as making decisions. Due to its high-tech image and its reliable objectivity it is appreciated by all users.

Key Areas of Professional Driver Training

Drivers can train their skills within the fields of economic driving (eco-driving), hazard perception, driver safety training, emergency vehicle driver training, and manoeuvring. For the different exercises you may choose from a range of vehicles such as truck-trailer combinations, semi-trailer trucks, buses, and tank trucks with differing loads.

Eco Driving

Saving Money and Resources

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“Changing gears in good time gets you farther”. That’s the motto of our intelligent eco-driving module. Driving in an economic, eco-friendly and relaxed manner can significantly reduce a truck’s fuel consumption. And the environment benefits as well. Additionally, a well-practised, proactive way of driving guarantees a low stress-level for the driver and causes less wear and tear on the car, while increasing road safety.

To add additional features to the eco training, FOERST truck simulators can be equipped with a special software module. Using different types of diagrams the eco-driving software provides the instructor with information about the selected gear, operating point of the engine, number of gear shifts, revolutions per minute, speed, fuel consumption, and their respective average values.

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Promoting economical driving

Drivers can choose between different routes which they then have to master in the most economical way. Using the replay function, the sequence can subsequently be illustrated by a diagram and evaluated. The eco score informs the driver about the quality of their driving. The score is determined by relating the average speed to the average fuel consumption.

Hazard Perception

Expect the Unexpected

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Whether you’re driving in the city, on a motorway or in the countryside – first and foremost, traffic is unpredictable. Concentration and a proactive way of driving are the keys to perceiving and mastering hazardous situations. With their “hazard perception” software the Foerst company has found a way to confront driving students with dangerous situations without putting them at an actual risk.

Perceiving and Avoiding Critical Situations

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The software enables the instructor to confront the student with different kinds of hazardous situations. An intersection with cars that are hard to see, a car backing out of a parking space or a child crossing the street: all of these scenarios bear risks the driver has to notice and avoid.

Once completed the driving lesson, the replay mode allows the instructor to review the sequences and freeze key moments to show the student where they should have reacted differently.


Practice Makes Perfect

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Spending many hours in a truck can be nerve-racking. Especially when it comes to truck-trailer combinations and semi-trailer trucks it takes some time until the driver is able to safely manoeuvre the vehicle. With the help of an instructor and using the Foerst “manoeuvring” software module, students can learn in a playful manner to master tricky situations.

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Due to the realistic simulation of the physical behaviour of the vehicle, students can train to manoeuvre semi-trailer trucks, tank trucks, mini trucks, coaches, fire engines or even truck-trailer combinations. While manoeuvring an obstacle or slalom course students get a good feeling for the size and behaviour of their vehicle. A diagram illustrates different parameters such as steering angle and acceleration forces. The truck simulator is equipped with six rear-view mirrors.

Once completed the driving lesson, the replay mode can help identify key moments the student should have noticed by replaying the images provided by the rear-view mirrors. Behind the steering wheel of a simulator even manoeuvring a forty-tonner through narrow streets does not seem frightening anymore and may even be fun!

Driver Safety Training

Keeping a Cool Head Is a Matter of Practice

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Apart from imparting knowledge about the laws of physics, modern driver training focusses especially on the correct handling of the vehicle in exceptional situations. To help drivers achieve an experienced and steady driving routine, Foerst has developed a software that transfers different aspects of the driver safety training to the simulator. The instructor can choose between seven different scenarios to confront the students with obstacles and to force them to perform emergency stops, lane changes or evasive manoeuvres.

The Simulator as a Driving Practice Area

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As with a real truck, the centrifugal forces of a badly carried out manoeuvre make the virtual vehicle fall on its side. In the menu you can determine the vehicle type, pavement conditions (dry, wet or snowy), speed, slope, centre of gravity of the vehicle, and ABS condition. The “driver safety training” also features diagrams to illustrate all relevant parameters.

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