Light Vehicle Simulators

The simulator serves not only the purpose that the handling of the operational elements in a short time, fuel-efficient, environment-friendly, without wear and tear, and without risk for man and machine can be trained, but it can also be used without any regard to weather and traffic conditions. Further advantages of simulators are the reproducibility of traffic situations, the replay after driving failures, the repeatability of exercises and the exact evaluation of driving and operating mistakes. A special advantage is that trainees are confronted with unexpected situations, which may happen in real traffic but, due to the danger, cannot be integrated in the educational program. So the simulator serves the operational control as well as making decisions. Due to its high-tech image and its reliable objectivity it is appreciated by all users. 

Light Vehicle Simulator Trainer

FOERST simulators are being used within the fields of road safety, emergency vehicle driver training, basic driver training, fitness assessment, and for promotional purposes. They come with several features and are real crowd-pullers. Road safety organizations, automobile associations, scientific institutions, driving schools and institutions for road safety have already discovered the benefits of driving simulators.

Different evaluation tools such as log files, replays, print-outs and the possibility to create individual scenarios make the FOERST car simulator the perfect training buddy.

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Light Vehicle Simulator Smart Drive

The simulator is a money-saving solution and especially designed for the use in driving schools and Training centres.


We offer the following modules to be used within the fields of driver training, road safety, emergency vehicle driver training, fitness assessment, and for promotional purposes:

Driving School

Basic Driver’s Education – Simple and Easy

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The driving school module helps students to become easily acquainted with the basic driving techniques. Operating the clutch, changing gears, and starting the car all become second nature to them as well as operating the different controls. Training on the simulator is the perfect way to take away any fears students may have before they start their practical driving lessons.

Learning Without Any Pressure

Students can train to drive in an eco-friendly and proactive way, and to improve their hill-starting. Weather rural road or motorway, in the city or in the mountains: Foerst car simulators guarantee effective learning in a relaxed atmosphere, even on a virtual wet road, in fog, in snow or in the dark. After each scene the instructor can call up the corresponding evaluation data and save it to the hard drive.

Realizing and Avoiding Mistakes

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Driving simulators facilitate fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, and efficient driver training regardless of weather conditions and free of wear and tear. The training consists of different stages, similar to conventional driver training but without any risk for man or machine. Their ability to reproduce traffic situations, analyse mistakes in the replay mode, repeat every exercise, and evaluate all driving mistakes and operating errors makes Foerst simulators all-round talents that outclass driving school vehicles by far when it comes to efficient training.

Road Safety

Simulating Drunk Driving and Hazardous Situations

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Experts from the technical inspection organization TÜV Rheinland estimate that one of two road casualties is caused by drunk drivers. The Foerst software enables drivers to experience at first hand the impacts and risks of driving under the influence. First, the driver drives a short distance under normal conditions. Then, the software mimics the impaired vision generally produced by alcohol and delays the driver’s reaction time. This leads to artificially delayed steering and uncontrolled driving, which makes the driver struggle to avoid any obstacles that may appear. Performing an emergency stop in good time becomes almost impossible due to the dramatically prolonged reaction time.

The software‘s graphic effects simulate blurredness and the typical tunnel vision associated with drunk driving. Also, the software can simulate the effects of different alcoholic drinks: still “sober“, the driver drives on a rural road to a bar where they can choose the amount of beer or wine they want to consume. The impact of their alcohol consumption on their driving skills becomes clear when they continue their journey.

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Realistic Simulations of Driving Under the Influence

Another option to simulate drunk driving is to drive a standard route that requires evading obstacles or braking at some points. A special replay function then simulates the driver’s reactions if they had been under the influence of alcohol. The software module also features different weather conditions (fair weather, fog, rain, snow, driving at night-time).

Eco Driving

Saving Money and Resources

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"Changing gears in good time gets you farther". That’s the motto of our intelligent eco-driving module. Driving in an economic, eco-friendly and relaxed manner can significantly reduce a car’s fuel consumption. And the environment benefits as well. Additionally, a well-practised, proactive way of driving guarantees a low stress-level for the driver and causes less wear and tear on the car, while increasing road safety.

Driving Evaluation

To add additional features to the eco training, FOERST driving simulators can be equipped with a special software module. Using different types of diagrams the eco-driving software provides the instructor with information about the selected gear, operating point of the engine, number of gear shifts, revolutions per minute, speed, fuel consumption, and their respective average values.

Promoting Economical Driving

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Drivers can choose between different routes which they then have to master in the most economical way. Using the replay function, the sequence can subsequently be illustrated by a diagram and evaluated. The eco score informs the driver about the quality of their driving. The score is determined by relating the average speed to the average fuel consumption.


Learning from Experience

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With Foerst’s driving simulators drivers can learn to handle their vehicle under extreme conditions – on a virtual racetrack.

Driving on a racetrack offers an insight into the physics of driving and helps developing an experienced and steady driving routine. The menu allows you to determine different parameters such as total weight, road surface, engine power, type of drive and the quality of the tyres. Drivers can test changing gears in rapid succession or experience the dynamics of centrifugal force when going around a bend in a playful manner and under different conditions.

High-Level Edutainment

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The simulator allows you to push and even go beyond your limits without taking an actual risk. Be prepared, a speedy drive on the Foerst racetrack is edutainment on a high level.

Free Driving

Simulated Reality

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The “free driving” module familiarizes the driver with the demands of everyday driving. By simulating real traffic situations with other road-users and using artificial intelligence mastering the programme requires the same skills as are needed in real traffic.

Weather conditions, lighting conditions, and traffic density can be individually determined to make the simulated driving experience even more realistic.

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When driving in virtual rain or snow – with ABS switched on or off – the driver is exposed to the dangers of aquaplaning; driving in fog or in the dark confronts them with the particularities of poor visibility.

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Practising for an Emergency

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Driving a fire engine, police car or ambulance challenges the driver in a special way. In an emergency every second counts: driving at full speed is often required to reach the scene of the accident as fast as possible. Driving with siren wailing and blue light flashing requires a high level of concentration and excellent driving skills. The Foerst software module “emergency vehicle” now allows drivers to practise emergencies on a simulator.

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Driving under time pressure carries considerable risks for both the emergency responders and other road users. On the Foerst driving simulators both experienced and less experienced emergency vehicle operators can train driving under these particular conditions, put their theoretical knowledge to the test or repeat their own experiences. Because one thing is for sure: the best way to avoid accidents, especially in hazardous situations, is to be an experienced driver.

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Foerst’s “emergency vehicle” module supports a variety of scenarios. For example, the driver has to manoeuvre the vehicle over an intersection in moderate to high traffic jumping a red light. Or avoid a rear-end collision at the tail end of a traffic jam when driving on a rural road at a high speed and with the vision impaired by fog. Forming an emergency corridor to make way for emergency vehicles can be tricky as well. When driving in the city there is an additional risk of unexpectedly braking cars, traffic-congested roads or pedestrians stepping onto the street. The challenge is to overcome all obstacles without losing too much time.

FOERST Fahrsimulatoren GmbH

True-To-Life Simulations of the Perils of Driving an Emergency Vehicle

Simulators help policemen, firefighters, and emergency responders to train the rapid and correct assessment of critical situations and act in a prudent manner in order to reach the scene of the accident as soon as possible with complete safety.

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